Parents Motivating Your Child to Succeed
You are the most important role model to your child.  They are watching everything you do and listening to everything you say.  You are the motivator in your child’s life.   You must consistently talk Positive to your child.  The best way to motivate your child is to:
1)  Tell your child “I Love You Each Day” 
Children are searching for love and you can start by telling them that you love them each day.   When you express love for your child with tender words and supportive actions, they will respond with their trust and affection.  How do you feel when your child or someone say that they love you?
2) Catch them doing something good and tell them good job.  Often youth are being corrected each day and need someone to acknowledge them when they are doing well. Positive affirmations are always soothing to the soul of your child.  You know how it feels for someone keep telling you that you can’t do anything right and the more negative things they said start to pull your self esteem down.  Your child feels the same way.
3)  Attend the extra curriculum activities your child participates.  A part of giving positive affirmations is taking the time to go to their events from sports, spelling bees, science fairs, or dance recitals.  Take pictures so that you can develop new memories that are important to them.  I remember when I played football;   I could count on mom or dad in the stands.  I could tell you where they sat because I was looking for them.  When they attended my events, I became the happiest teen on this earth even if we won or lost.  I remember when I got hurt in my senior year.  My mom and dad were in the stands and I pointed for them out to the coach and my parents took me to emergency at the hospital.  They were better and faster than the Ambulance.
4) Use social media to send motivational messages like.
                                                    a) I LOVE YOU
                                                    b) See you when you get home
                                                    c)  You Are the Greatest
                                                    d)  Never Give UP!
                                                    e)  Stay Positive
5)  Hug your child each day.  Your child is looking for validation so a simple hug will let them know that you are there for them.  Sometimes it will feel awkward be very necessary      
6)  Ask your child how was there day.  This will build a way to communicate with your child and find out if anything went wrong and help address the issues as soon as they happen. 
7) Listen to your child when they talk to you.  Try to stop what you are doing and pay attention to your child when they start to open up about their feelings.  Sometimes you can explain to them positive solutions when you know what there are experiencing in their lives that are positive or negative.
8) Don’t joke about your child being overweight or  too skinny.    Youth can develops low self esteem very easy.  What you say out of your mouth can builds them up or tear them down.  Negative jokes are design to make people feel bad.   I good way to tell them about weight is to  cook healthy foods and set up times to exercise or go to the gym with them.  My mom and dad took us swimming on Friday nights and we could invite a friend, too.  This gave me time to exercise by swimming and play racket ball with the family.

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