• Teaching Our Youth Healthy Life Choices And Character


Rodrick Glover – Founder

Rodrick Glover is a dynamic motivational speaker who has reached more than 70,000 youth and adults across the United States. He is committed to helping  young people to develop healthy relationships, make life changing decisions and embrace self-love and compassion through coaching and encouragement.

For more than 20 years Rodrick has been working in outreach, speaking on the Power of Love and Living a Healthy Lifestyle. Since then, Rodrick’s passion has grown into the I Can Fly Organization, dedicated to equipping youth to set goals and achieve their dreams. 

Through workshops, dramatic interpretations and his book, I CAN FLYYY, Rodrick is able to connect with individuals of all ages. His message of hope allows those that are struggling to grow and develop into thriving and confident young people. 


I CAN FLY is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that focuses on teaching the power of love and support to youth, parents and single adults. Through multiple programs, I CAN FLY is able to share their message of growth and empowerment to audiences of all ages. 
Our Mission is to save our youth and teach them how to dream, set goals, develop character, and become positive role models in the future. We believe in the power of positive role models to open a world of possibilities for youth who feel their options are limited through encouragement, support and constructive conversations. 
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